Fundraising for Pavle Vlaskalin

Pavle Vlaskalin

Pavle Vlaskalin is one of the few children in Serbia diagnosed with a genetic disease Epidermolysis bullosa (EB).

EB can not be cured and requires lifelong daily care which includes specific bandages and medicine.

Less than half of Pavle's care costs are already covered by the state.

Our fundraising goal is to cover the remaining costs of approx. 6,000 EUR per year.

Donation of your choice can be made:

1) Donate via PayPal

2) Directly to the Vaskalin family bank account:
Branislav Vlaskalin

3) Contact Nikola Tosic to arrange a donation at and +38163268906.

Thank you.

PS On above photo Pavle is on the left, my son Marko is on the right. Photo is taken in 2017.